Further Reading

February 17, 2013 0 Comments

For recommended books and articles on topics we've explored on the podcast, follow these links:

22-23: Egypt's New Constitution and Prospects for Democracy

20-21: The Muslim Brotherhood

19: Kurds in Syria


Also check out these Internet resources:

General Interest
Foreign Policy Watch (English)
Foreign Policy Blogs- Foreign Policy Association (English)
London School of Economics Lectures: Podcasts/Videos (English)

Agraw.com (English)
Amazigh World (Arabic, Amazigh, French, English)
The Moor Next Door (English)

Historical Archives
Access to Mideast and Islamic Resources (English)
Al-Ahram Digital Library (Arabic)
Antun Saadeh Archive (Arabic)
Harmony Documents - Primary Jihad Sources (Various)
Historical Jewish Press: Newspapers (Various)
Michel 'Aflaq Collection (English)
Saddam Hussein Archive (English)
Saddam Hussein Regime Collection (English)
Tahrir Documents (Primary Sources for the Egyptian Revolution 2011) (English, Arabic)

Al-bab.com (English)  

Musings on Iraq (English)
Iraq and Gulf Analysis (English)
Iraq the Model (English)
American Contractor (English)
Eye Raki (English)
Iraq Oil Report (English) 

Iran Focus (English)
Inside Iran (English)
Tehran Bureau (English)

+972 (English, Hebrew)
Martin Kramer on the Middle East (English)
Middle East Post (English, Arabic)
Rubin Reports (English)

Lebanon and Syria
Lebanese Spring Blog (English)
Damascus Bureau (English)
Syria News Wire (English)

North Africa
Maghreb Blog (English)
Maghrebia.com (English)
Laila Lalami (English                                                                                   

Yemen and the Gulf
Tom Finn on Yemen (English)
Afrah Nasser (English)
Always Judged Guilty (English)
Crossroads Arabia (English)
Prof. Madawi al-Rasheed (English)
Mahmood's Den (English)
Saudiwoman's Weblog (English)