30: Bedouins in the Middle East

April 12, 2014 0 Comments

Bedouin children of the Jahalin tribe near Ma'ale Adumim. 
(Haaretz / Reuters)

Bedouins are a unique entity in the Middle East. They have a very distinct culture and identity. Yet, this culture and identity is ever changing, depending on where they live and external pressures. With the November 2013 protests of the Prawer-Begin Plan, Bedouins were on the forefront of Israeli and international news. This podcast focuses on Bedouin identity and culture, with a comparison of Bedouin history in Israel and Jordan. Yoav Alon, a professor of Middle East History at Tel Aviv University, is featured on this podcast. 

30: Bedouins in the Middle East

Samantha Sementilli-Producer, Editor, Host


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