25: Bab al-Hadid: Youssef Chahine's Cinematic Classic

Qinawi takes Hanuma captive on the train tracks in the film Bab al-Hadid.
Bab al-Hadid ("Cairo Station," 1958) offers a glimpse into life in Cairo in the late 1950's, a period of rapid social change. This genre-bending film — a cross between neo-realism and film noir — explores themes of longing and sexual obsession. And Youssef Chahine, the great Egyptian auteur who directed and starred in Bab al-Hadid, considered it his masterwork.

25: Bab al-Hadid: Youssef Chahine's Cinematic Classic

In this episode, Joel Gordon, an expert on Egyptian cinematic history and the director of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Arkansas, discusses the film Bab al-Hadid and the life of Youssef Chahine.


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