24: Kurdish Identity feat. Ceng Sagnic

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Kurdish people may be found in portions of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria. They often speak Kurmanji, Sorani, or other dialects of the Kurdish language, though these dialects are generally not considered mutually intelligible. Most Kurds practice Islam, though there are Jewish and Christian Kurds.

What, then, unites Kurds to the extent that they may be called a people? What aspects of identity have Kurdish groups in Turkey and Iraq mobilized in decades-long campaigns for autonomy, independence, and recognition?

Diwaniyya spoke previously with Kamal Sido of the Society for Threatened Peoples about the Kurdish groups in northern Syria, who have become key players in the ongoing Syrian civil strife. Ceng Sagnic, a Kurdish language instructor at Tel Aviv University, discusses the different aspects of Kurdish identity in this episode of Diwaniyya.

24: Kurdish Identity

Producer, Editor: Ben Silsbee
Executive Producer: Shoshi Shmuluvitz

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