19: Syrian Kurds (in Arabic)

Our very first Arabic language podcast explores the place of Syrian Kurds in the current popular uprisings, as well as civil and cultural rights for Kurds in Syria. Our guest, Kamal Sido is a Syrian Kurdish consultant for the human rights organization the Society for Threatened Peoples.

19: Syrian Kurds

Ben Silsbee- Producer, Editor, Host
Shoshi Shmuluvitz- Executive Producer, Engineer
Ariel Brickman- Intern

If you enjoyed our episodes on the Kurds and want to learn more check out the resources below. There are many excellent books; the list below is geared toward the first-time reader and those with only a general knowledge of the region and Kurdish history.

David McDowell: A Modern History of the Kurds is a general history, useful to anyone learning about the Kurds for the first time and as general reference material. 

The Modern History of Iraq by Phebe Marr is not just about the Kurds, but provides an excellent chronological account of 20th Century Iraq, including sections on Kurdish Nationalism. 

The Kurds and the State: Evolving National Identity in Turkey, Iraq, and Iran by Denise Natali discusses the Kurds across states lines. Helpful particularly for understanding the different political movements.

Shoshi Shmuluvitz

Diwaniyya Contributor