17: Jews in Arab Lands

Nebi Daniel Association public photo collection / Maurice Studio
Jewish Girls at a Bat Mitzvah ceremony in Alexandria, Egypt. Date unknown. Nebi Daniel Association public photo collection / Maurice Studio   

In the third installment of Diwaniyya's Minorities in the Middle East Series, three Moshe Dayan Center researchers discuss their personal experiences of Jewish communities in the Arab world. The region’s Jewish populations have dwindled since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, although there are still small Jewish communities in Arab states today. Before 1948, however, approximately 900,000 Jews lived in the Arabic-speaking world. Today that number is less than 8,000.  

In the new episode, Ofra Bengio tells us about her childhood in Syria, and the journey she made with her family to Israel in the early 1950s. Esther Webman talks about her memories of Jewish life in Cairo, and what it was like for her cosmopolitan father to move to not-so-cosmopolitan 1950s Haifa. Samir Ben-Layashi tells us about growing up with Jewish neighbors in Meknes, Morocco.

17: Jews in Arab Lands

Alona Ferber - Executive Producer
Shoshi Shmuluvitz - Executive Producer, Engineer
Ben Silsbee - Producer, Host, Editor

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