Jews in the Arab World: Online Resources

Yemenite Jews being transferred to Israel in
"Operation Magic Carpet" (1949-1950)

For a primer on the topic under discussion in the upcoming episode of Diwaniyya, have a look at these online resources:

The World Jewish Congress website has a useful page on Jews from Arab lands, with regular news updates, analysis and opinions.

Two entries in the  Jewish Virtual Library put  the Arab world's Jewish communities in context. “Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries," by Jacqueline Shields, includes current population statistics. “Jews of the Middle East,” by  Loolwa Khazoom, gives an overview of the history of Jewish communities in the Middle East. 

This statement by the  World Union for Progressive Judaism, submitted to the UN's Commission on Human Rights on July 29, 2002, discusses Jewish refugees from Arab states.   

In "Reflections By an Arab Jew," Ella Shohat writes about her experiences as "an Iraqi Israeli woman living, writing and teaching in the U.S.," and "questions the eurocentric opposition of Arab and Jews, particularly the denial of Arab Jewish (Sephardic) voices." For a refutation of Shohat’s argument, see “Rejecting the ‘Arab Jew’” in The Forward

We mentioned this in an earlier post, but just in case you missed it, has an excellent collection of resources on this topic.


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