Christmas Special Part 4: An Arab-Christian Experience of Israel

The city of Nazareth on the map of Israel, by Pete CS
This past month, Diwaniyya has put on a Christmas Special, a series of short interviews on Palestinian and Arab-Israeli Christians in the Holy Land. The Christmas Special is part of our ongoing Minorities in the Middle East Series. The Christian minority in Israel and the Palestinian Territories is small, but diverse and culturally rich. In this Diwaniyya short, Rima Haj, a 21-year old Arab-Christian student at Tel Aviv University, tells us about Christmas in Nazareth, her home town, and her experiences in Tel Aviv.

11: An Arab-Christian Experience in Israel

Alona Ferber - Producer, and Host
Shoshi Shmuluvitz - Executive Producer 
Ben Silsbee - Executive Producer, Editor, Engineer


Diwaniyya Contributor