Al-Afghani and the Assassination of Iran's Shah Nasser al-Din

Iran's Shah Nasser al-Din

Jamal al-Din al-Afghani, the subject of the month on Diwaniyya, was a believer in the assassination of rulers for political ends. He is said to have inspired a disciple to murder the Qajar Shah Nasser al-Din of Iran in 1896.  

The perpetrator, Mira Reza Kermani, along with other followers of al-Afghani in Iran at the time, wanted an end to what they saw as the unjust rule of Iran's Qajar dynasty, which had been in power since 1785. Kermani killed the Shah in the Shah Abdol Azim shrine in Rey, Iran, and was later executed for for his crime. His action, however, is said to have spurred the Iranian Constitutional Revolution that took place from 1905 to 1907, the result of which was a system of constitutional monarchy in Iran for the first time.

To find out more about how al-Afghani’s ideas influenced this turning point in Iranian history, look out for our conversation with renowned expert Martin Kramer on al-Afghani’s life and work, coming out later this week.


Diwaniyya Contributor