Christmas Special Part 2: An Interview with Wadie Abunassar

Wadie Abunassar

Arab-Israeli and Palestinian Christians are faced with a unique crisis of identity. They are a minority within Israel's Arab minority, and the percentage of Christians in the population is shrinking due to emigration and low birth rates. 

In this Diwaniyya Short, we discuss the Arab-Israeli Christian identity crisis with Wadie Abunassar, founder and director of the International Center for Consultations, an Arab-Jewish think tank. Wadie is also a senior political and media advisor to Israeli and Palestinian politicians and organizations, embassies, companies, and Christian clergy. In 2009 he was the Media Coordinator of Pope Benedict XVI Pilgrimage to the Holy Land. 

9: The Arab - Christian Identity Crisis

Alona Ferber - Producer, Host
Shoshi Shmuluvitz - Executive Producer, Engineer
Ben Silsbee - Executive Producer, Editor


Diwaniyya Contributor

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  1. two of the saddest aspects of this snippet are (1) the reduction of age old "per-modern national churches" to the soothing jingles of "faith communities" (therefore denuding them of their ethnic specificity), and (2) the liberal use of the faulty and misleading blanket ter "Arab Christians." I'm interested in knowing whom does Mr. Abunassar subsume into this faulty label? The people at the link below perhaps? If so, did he ask their opinion before expropriating their history and historical memory?