Christmas Special Part 1: An Interview with Father David Neuhaus

Father David Neuhaus, an Israeli Jesuit Catholic Priest, is interviewed on this Diwaniyya Short.

This month, Diwaniyya is putting on a Christmas Special — a series of short interviews on Palestinian and Arab-Israeli Christians in the Holy Land. The Christmas Special is also part of our ongoing Minorities in the Middle East Series.

The Christian minority in Israel and the Palestinian Territories is small but diverse and culturally rich. In this Diwaniyya Short, we spoke with Father David Mark Neuhaus, an Israeli Jesuit Catholic priest, about the various Christian communities in the Holy Land, their relationship to each other and to their denominational counterparts abroad, their religious lives, and their minority status.

We hope you enjoy this Diwaniyya Short and we welcome comments!

8: Christian Communities in the Holy Land

Father David Mark Neuhaus is Latin Patriarchal Vicar for Hebrew-speaking Catholics in Israel and serves as the priest in charge of the Hebrew-speaking Catholic community in Jerusalem. He is also Coordinator of the work with the migrant worker and asylum seeker populations. He teaches Scripture at the Seminary of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and in the Religious Studies Department at Bethlehem University.

Father Neuhaus completed a BA, MA and PhD (Political Science) at Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He then completed degrees in theology in Paris (Centre Sevres) and in Scripture in Rome (Pontifical Biblical Institute). He was ordained to the priesthood in Jerusalem by the Patriarch of Jerusalem in 2000.

His publications include Justice and the Intifada: Palestinians and Israelis Speak Out (edited with Kathy Bergen and Ghassan Rubeiz), New York, Friendship Press, 1991. A book (written in collaboration with Alain Marchadour), The Land That I Will Show You…Land, Bible and History has been published in French (2006), English (2007), Italian (2007) and German (2011).

Alona Ferber - Producer, Host
Shoshi Shmuluvitz - Executive Producer
Ben Silsbee - Executive Producer, Editor, Engineer


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