Tel Aviv University Experts on the Hammam

We'll be featuring two scholars for our upcoming episode on hammams (Turkish baths):

Miri Shefer

Miri Shefer, Senior Lecturer and Vice Chair of the Department of Middle Eastern and North African History at Tel Aviv University, focuses on the Ottoman Empire in the early modern area and Muslim medicines and health. Her recent research examines the everyday life of Ottoman subjects and the machinery of the Ottoman State. She is the author of Ottoman Medicine: Healing and Medical Institutions 1500-1700 (Albany, New York: State University of New York Press, 2009).

Samir Ben-Layashi
Samir Ben Layashi, a doctoral fellow and researcher at the Moshe Dayan Center, focuses on the history of medical practices in Morocco and the integration of the Moroccan Jewish community into Israeli life. He presented his paper, "The Discourse and Praxis of Medicine, Hygiene, and Body in Colonial Morocco," at the Middle East Studies Association Conference. 


Diwaniyya Contributor