No Hammam Near You? + Preview

These books and articles will give you an idea of what you might find in a hammam, though as our guests were sure to point out, nothing beats the real thing.

Al-Ghazzali, Abu Hamed. Kitab Asrar al-Taharah (The Mysteries of Purity). Nabih Amin Faris, trans. SH Muhammad Ashraf: Lahore, 1991.

Bouhdiba, Abdelwahhab. Sexuality in Islam. Routledge: London, 1985.

Encyclopedia of the Quran: Ritual Purity
Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures: Hammam

The encyclopedia articles in particular are great introductions to their respective subjects.

Be sure to listen to the upcoming episode of Diwaniyya for more about the culture and practices of the hammam.

Listen to a  preview of "Hammam: Purity, Hygiene and Gender." 
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