7: The Hammam - Purity, Hygiene and Gender

Our theme this month is the Middle Eastern hammam, or public bathhouse, which occupies an important place in the social and cultural fabric of the region.

In this month's show, the first installment of The Body Series, we discuss the role of the hammam in the everyday lives of Middle Easterners with Tel Aviv University experts Samir Ben-Layashi and Miri Shefer

In the first part of the show we talk about the hammam and hygiene. In part two we explore the practice of gender segregation in the hammam. And in part three we discuss ritual purification of the body in Islam.

7: The Hammam - Purity, Hygiene and Gender

Shoshi Shmuluvitz - Producer, Host
Alona Ferber - Executive Producer
Ben Silsbee - Executive Producer, Editor, Engineer


Diwaniyya Contributor