Shorts: Palestinian History and the UN Vote on Statehood

Mahdi Abdul Hadi
Asher Susser

In anticipation of the upcoming UN vote on the recognition of Palestinian statehood, we're releasing a special series of Diwaniyya Shorts on Palestinian history, public opinion, and the vote itself. Last week, we released our first Diwaniyya Short, an interview with Khalil Shikaki, Director of the Palestine Center for Policy and Survey Research. 

In these next two Shorts, Asher Susser, Senior Research Fellow at the Moshe Dayan Center, and Mahdi Abdul Hadi, Head of the Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs, discuss Palestinian history and the implications of the UN vote. 

Diwaniyya Short no. 2: Palestinian History 

Diwaniyya Short no. 3: The UN Vote

Alona Ferber - Producer
Shoshi Shmuluvitz - Executive Producer, Host
Ben Silsbee - Executive Producer, Editor, Engineer


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